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Industrial Chain responsibilities

Harbor Dreams and Sense of Mission
We are determined to provide great Chinese products not only to substitute for imported products but also to meet global customer requirements, in order to change the situation where have to export lots of cheap raw materials while import high-priced intermediate and finished products in China.

Enzymatic bio-diesel:                        The world's first high-quality, low-cost 50,000 tons / year industrial device

Chloro butyl rubber:                           The only Chinese manufacturer with stable production 
Food-grade butyl rubber:                  The second supplier in the world
AlN electronic components:             The first supplier in China mainland
Liquid fluorescent brighteners:    The first supplier in China

PTT monomer PDO:                       Will be the first supplier in China

GCLE:                                                   The first supplier in China
Medical robots:                                   The first supplier in China
Carotid artery bracket:                       Will be the first Chinese manufacturer
Industrial chromatographic separation techniques: The only service provider in China

Review the history:
Cenway is growing and developing together with domestic suppliers.
Help Chinese customers to achieve local supplies, and receiving quality and timely service. 
Show a trustworthy image of Chinese product to foreign customers.
Gain respect from foreign competitors.
Promote domestic scientific and technological achievements into production, so that the research results can be used for the general public service.

Looking forward the future:
Cenway will go deeper into researches of resources and demands, leap from "imitating the world-leading products to fill the gaps in China" to “developing new products globally”.

We are determined to establish a respected Chinese brand ---“CENWAY”.



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